A Proper Hello!

Hello, Everyone! I thought I would take the time to properly update you all. I’ve been through quite a rough patch lately. I won’t go into too much detail but I’ve been battling depression. I’ve been struggling with my Artwork and it really impacted my professional life on a personal level. Therapy has been helping me sloooowly start focusing on my Art more and helping me change things that I didn’t like about how I was handling my professional life. I’m doing a lot better and hopefully I can build myself up and be better than ever before. Taking time away from the computer and unplugging and just not worrying about anything for awhile really helped me put things in perspective. So I’m happy to be back!

I usually work through something rather fast and I’ve started rebuilding my Art Sites, as you can see. The more I focus on Art and Work the better. Hopefully I won’t have to delete my Art Sites again because it’s hard bouncing back each time. I want to make this my home on the Internet, a place where I can share my journey and stories as an aspiring Artist and Writer, I want to make it my own and do my own thing. To the point that I’ve decided from now on I’m only posting original Artwork, no fanart will be on my Art Site. I want to get recognition for my original Characters and Writing. I want to be unique and true to myself. I’m not saying any one else should not do fanart, I’m just speaking for myself. So I hope this will be the start of something amazing.

Thanks to my Therapist and my best friend I’ve drawn so much being away from the Internet. I’m in the process of Inking and Adding Color to it all. I’ve also been working on two Graphic Novels. If everything turns out great, I may be releasing one of them soon entitled Fun Times With Antannae and Zink! But first I need to work out Commission Prices and Requests and that sort of thing. Not really great at math so not really sure how I should price things. I also plan to do Adoptables at some point.

Some of you may notice that I’m not on dA or the other Sites I’m usually on. I couldn’t quite get settled in on dA to the point that I was comfortable so I’ve decided to try out Fur Affinity and Weasyl. Most of my friends have moved to those two Sites so that’s where I’ll be. I’m trying different places to go to. I will at some point join Etsy, RedBubble, Tumblr, and Twitter maybe when I’m ready. Hopefully things will start looking up for me from here on out. We’ll see. Also, a HUGE thank you to all of my friends who have stuck with my Art and keep coming back to my Sites when I hit a rough patch! I appreciate and love you all. 🙂 Until next time kids. -Michiru Over and Out


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