New Webcomic!

Hello, Everyone! I wasn’t going to Update with this just yet because I wanted to wait until Next Month but I realized it will be Fourth of July so I decided to Update now so people actually may see this and I could barely stand to wait any longer. Most of my friends may know already but in case anyone watches my Site that may not know…I have my very first Webcomic! It’s a Fantasy Webcomic that’s appropriate for all ages! It’s Titled Fun Times With Antannae and Zink and is about two friends that go on adventures and have daily goofy antics with one another. Right now I’m only four Pages into the Introduction but if enough Pages get Produced there will be a Printed Copy of it you can Purchase on Lulu! We Update Fridays at NOON at the moment but if I can manage I may start Updating Mondays + Fridays in the future, so keep a look out for that! I’m new at this but hopefully it will be a ongoing Project for many days ahead so I’m looking forward to it! Any other New Updates I will let you know of if any come up. Commissions, Requests, and Trades are Closed for the time being since my Webcomic has me working full time. Me and a friend WILL be attending Anime Blues Con this year. I won’t be a Guest (Not this year.) but we will be going to Support the Local Artists. It should NOT conflict with Fun Times Updating that week. If you want more Information on Anime Blues you can go here. You can view the Webcomic below.

+ Click Me to View the Funtimes Webcomic +


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