Patreon Coming Soon!

Hello, Everyone! So, since I haven’t Updated my Tumblr much, I thought I would Post a Journal Update! I’ve been circling around the idea of Creating a Patreon. Basically I have Hospital Bills I’d like to get Paid Off. I currently live at home with my Family, which is my mom and two dogs and I’d like to help her with Bills, Groceries, etc. I also would like to save up for College to Study Art, Art History, Sequential Art, etc. but we live on a fixed income which makes it hard to go to College. I also have Dreams of becoming a Professional Artist and Fantasy Author and work on Art Full time. I have been working on Art Full time but due to Depression haven’t been able to put it to use and earn money to make my Dreams come true and I think a Patreon could help me with that so I’m going to try.

I have Two Sketches, one isn’t Inked and one is. I’m going to finish Inking then Scan and add Color and save those for the Patreon. I also have Character Designs I’m saving for it. I just need to work on them more. And when I make a Patreon, I do plan to show Development Material. It may be one year when I do this though or it may be when I’m ready. I’ve been struggling with Depression and in October will be One Year that I haven’t had a relapse. I’m still making sure I’m ready for a heavy workload and that it won’t be too much stress to the Point I have a relapse. So I’m trying to Pace myself and plan. But I DO want to get back to work and have my head in Art and Working. I’m just trying to be responsible.

I’d also like to do 1 Drawing for 20 Days, then 50, then eventually 365 Days so we’ll see. So I just wanted to share my Ideas and Plans with you all and let you all know what is in the works if I stay healthy, which hopefully I will. I will try to be a little bit more active on Tumblr and try to post Art, Sketches, etc while still being careful. Thank you all for the Support and Stay Tuned for good things! : )


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