Heeeey, Realm Hoppers! I’m going to Start Posting More Extra Content / World Info in here. I haven’t Updated this in awhile and need to use it.

This is “Antannae” in Fun Times but I’ve Updated his Design and given him a New Name because at some Point, Fun Times is getting a Reboot!

Mostly he’s still the same, but although Static is considered to be just a boy in his Homeworld of DreamScar, he’s also Part Machine. Static’s Face is that of a boy, but it’s also a TV. He can “Play Back” things that he’s seen and he also has a “Plug In” on his Back that allows him to Download / Record anything and Play it Back to you.

He also has a Celestial “Bear God” Form. His “Bear Headdress” Gives him the ability to Transform into a Huge Celestial and Mechanical Beargod that lives off of a Star’s Energy, thus enabling him to Send Downloads / Recordings to Outer Space and Planets. Static’s Bear Form Resembles the Headdress he Wears.

Static is good at Balancing his Machine / Technical Half but he has trouble with Balancing His Animal / Nature-like Powers. He has no Confidence that he can actually Save the Beargod Realm and Doubts it Often.

He is Painfully Shy and cannot Defend himself before he meets Zink.

Keep a Lookout for the Rest of the Cast! Thanks for the Support! ❤


Signal Boost!


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