Site Overhaul!

For my friends that Keep a Check on this Site, I’ve done a Complete Site Overhaul. There is a New Layout, I’ve Updated the Art Gallery with a few pieces that weren’t Previously Posted, I’ve redone the Photography Gallery, I’ve Imported Blog Posts from my Tumblr so I will not be Updating my Tumblr with Art much anymore and it is now an Inspiration Blog. This Site’s Blog is Now my Main Art / Update Blog. I’ve Updated all Links on this Site, so if you need to find me elsewhere you can do that. This Site also has a New Web Address at [ %5D and is Now a Part of So, Please Update Your Bookmarks! I’d like to Upgrade my Plan at some time to get the Ads removed but I have to Discuss it with others first, but I do intend to Check into that.

My Counselor / Doctor’s Appointment has been Moved Up to Monday so hopefully after that I can Work on a New Page of Fun Times. I’ve just been trying to Manage and Take Care of my Art Sites is all. I’ll have some News after I see my Doctor! See You All Soon!


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