Description: This Collection of Poems was written by Michelle in the early 2000’s. They were written for her Fantasy Novel Moonstrider that she is currently writing.

Rating: General Audience | Genre: Fantasy, Kids, SciFi

Green Eyes Watermark

My feet stopped in a dead heat as I saw a wolf of white

Coldly staring at me with her eyes..

so green

It was almost as if I was having a dream

I turned the other way because something moved in the brush

Only to turn back around and notice the wolf had disappeared in a silent hush.

Twink Watermark 1

Chelle Pic 17

In Loving Memory of Twinkles, My Australian Shepard of 10 Years. You will live on in my Art and Stories.

A howl that goes through you

…a haunting call

Yet so pure and so calm

singing a lullaby as night falls

The loyalty of a gentle beast that I have gratefully grown to love

and if it wasn’t for you, I ask myself, what would I become?

Fur of black and white, eyes of a mysterious brown

Keeping company to this lonely traveler, and carrying me around

Hound of Heaven, a beast I’m proud to say

that if someone ever gestured to kill my Twink, all of Heaven would be in a Rage


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