Fun Times with Antannae and Zink 2015 — Present

Web Comic | Hiatus — Fun Times is an Ongoing Fantasy Webcomic I Started on May 22nd of 2015! It is a Full Color Comic that Features Neon, Vibrant Colors in a Zany Drawn Style that only belongs to Artist, Michelle Haycraft or Michiru as most know her. Long Time Best Friend, Katie has assisted Michelle in Coloring and Drawing Pages.  The Comic is about a Young Boy, Antannae who meets his Best Friend, Zink and lives in a Magical World. Antannae finds out that he may be the Key to Saving the Bear God Realm, a Savage World made up of Huge Bear Gods from the Bear Demon Demu. It Updates Fridays and can be found on it’s Sub Site Here. It is Currently on a Hiatus to Build a Buffer.

Fun Times Volume # 1 AND # 2 is Available in Print at!

Ghost Lantern: Spring Issue #1

Artbook / Zine 2017

Ghost Lantern: Spring Issue #1 is a Artbook / One Shot Zine. It is Self Engineered and Self Produced and is meant to Showcase my Best and Favorite Work. Ghost Lantern Contains Full Color Art, the Most Recent Chapter of Fun Times with Antannae and Zink, and Sneak Peeks at Projects. I’m thinking of going back at some Point and doing a Special Edition Issue that will be 60 or 80 Pages. The 32 Page Issue is Out NOW on!

Front Cover                         Back Cover










boom..mood Logo Two

boom..mood — Present

boom mood is an idea started by my best friend and sister, Katie West. The goal is to share ideas and feed off of each others creativity. It is a Collaboration. We also release Collaborations and Projects we do with each other and also with other friends.

boom mood on Facebook

Upcoming Projects

Wolf Song


Web Novel | In Development — Wolf Song will be a Fantasy Web Novel about Green Eyes’ Past and how her Werewolf Race lives as a Tribe. Green Eyes is a Werewolf Character in the Novel Moonstrider. It will probably be 5 Pages a Chapter and feature Art by Artist Michelle Haycraft. If it’s successful I may also do a 80 Page Special Edition Graphic Novel and Proceeds will go to the Local Animal Shelter.

Blood Children Volume 1

Blood Children The Devils Dolls

Graphic Novel | In Development — Blood Children is a Horror Story about an Outcast Vampire Queen, Luciforttia and how she helps Prevent her Clan from being Wiped Out. It will be a 80 Page Black and White, Graphic Novel and feature Art and Writing by Artist Michelle Haycraft. There are a few Character Concept Sketches Drawn along with the Cover and Page One.

• Other Places my Work was Featured

 — Art Published in Crystal Chappell Fanbook  〈 Used 〉


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